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A weekend morning, green space, warming Yang, green willows, red flowers, everywhere permeated with abundant view. After a late night of spring rain wash embellish. This is good chance of picking up stones.

After being cleaned, mother, sister and I started carrying bag. Along the way, the bird with us, butterfly dancing with us, the stroke of the soft wind more make person appetite. We came to a piece of land near the river, then stopped.


Fang Zhaoyi

In this one summer, I learn to write a composition in composition class.

In the house of this white wall, we pile stone in this place, go searching many a stone in a pouch, final pitch on the roundest the biggest stone.

I piled a penguin, but the again and again is flat, rose again again. I had piled up it finally. Call a teacher to look immediately, but the teacher does not come tardy, when I am disappointed, the teacher came however.

My penguin was patted finally.

Judge: Keep the business that was clear that oneself had been experienced, this game of summer is interesting!


This is me

Hi! My Chinese name is Ma Fangyu. My English name is Jane. I’m a happy girl. I live in Nanzhuang Cun. My birthday is in December. My favorite colour is purple. My favorite pet is lovely dog. I have two big black eyes. I like English very much. Every day I go to school on foot. I like my school. There are 25 students in my class. I love my school. This is me.





Recently, I read a book about a girl sees her future after she learns the alien’s language. Her future life has happiness and sorrow. Since she could foresee, she learns to accept what will happen in her life. If I could see my future, and I can’t change the fact, but I will enjoy every minute of my life.









Today, our teacher gave us a special task. He asked us to do a research. The research is about how do we use the time after school. There are three questions. How much time do we spend on study? How much time do we spend in playing? How much time do we spend with our family? We need to ask at least thirty people’s opinion. It is a difficult but interesting task.



Last Friday evening, our class had an English party with our English teacher in our classroom. Some students sang songs. Some danced, some guessed riddles and some told stories.

The most wonderful programmer was named “Buying a sheep and selling a ship.” Which was acted by our English teacher and some students. From the play, We the difference between I and I, and we knew the two opposite words “buy” and “sell”. We should pay more attention to pronunciation.

The party was a success. We all had a good time.


I have a best friend. He is a lovely boy. He has short black hair ,big black eyes and big ears. He has a bigmouth and a small nose. I think he is handsome. And he is strong and quiet. He likes sports very much. After class, we often play football, basket ball on the playground .He is a good player. He also likes to study. English and math are his favourite subjects. He helps me a lot.


During this holiday,I went to some famous palaces to have a goodview.The Yandang Mountain in Wenzhou leaved me a very deep impression,especially the steep mountain.In my point of view,it is turely a wonder of nature. And,I had seen the film《Harry Potter》,it’s a good film,but the pity was Black’s death.The most exciting thing is that I learned golf.Now,I go to the club every week,as a good player! The rest time of the half holiday I did a lot preparation to pass the grade 10 of violin.I have had a substantial holiday!


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